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Some clients benefit from nutrition counseling in their home or office. This is most appropriate for those with hectic schedules or others who require privacy. Kitchen pantry makeovers are available too. 



Book Clubs
Have you read the latest diet book? Is there any truth to its assertions? Who are we to believe? We offer a facilitated diet book discussion for up to 10 people. The way it works is a host coordinates the session inviting as many as 9 of his/her friends and colleagues in an agreed upon location. We lead a group discussion and Q&A regarding that diet book.

Medgem for metabolic testing

Medgem for metabolic testing

Metabolic Testing – Stamford, CT Location
Individuals vary in terms of the number of calories needed to maintain, lose, or gain weight. Depending on your health and medical status, you may benefit from having your metabolism measured. We use the Medgem. It’s a simple procedure where you breathe into a small device for about 10 minutes. This helps us determine your resting metabolic rate.

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